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September 23, 2021 at 6:44 AM

Shotover Country, Queenstown


In 2016, we developed 44 new homes in Shotover Country, Queenstown on land acquired through the Inclusionary Zoning process. 


As our largest project to date, in order to mitigate risk and speed up the build time, we used three different building companies to design and build the homes, pulling it all together tidily with through a landscaping masterplan.


This development was mixed tenure with Shared Ownership, Affordable Housing and Senior Housing. The houses were designed and built by Breen Construction, Modus Constuct and Rilean. Below are some images of the Shotover Country development. You can also view the site plan here.







Completed in 2016

44 newly built houses

x2 4 bedroom houses: 109 sqm - average house size: 461 sqm average section size: $565,000 average value (at time of completion) 

x31 3 bedroom houses: 101 sqm - average house size: 429 sqm average section size: $477,000 average value (at time of completion)

x11 2 bedroom houses: 84 sqm - average house size: 247 sqm average section size: $454,000 average value (at time of completion)



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