Secure Home versus Renting

Why Secure Home assisted ownership is better than renting

Secure Home is assisted home ownership. For all intents and purposes, you are the home owner.
Secure Home is affordable home ownership. You only have to purchase the house, not the land.
Stay as long as you like. Secure Home provides you a home, for as long you like. 100 years if you please!
You no longer pay market rent to a landlord. There’s no landlord collecting a weekly rent. Instead, you make home loan repayments to your bank and pay a monthly Ground Rent to QLCHT, for lease of the land.
No bond requirement. Secure Home isn’t a tenancy, which means there’s no bond to pay.
You get money back at the end. When you no longer require the home, QLCHT purchases the property back from you for the same amount you paid, plus an adjustment for inflation and maintenance. You should come out of Secure Home in a better financial position than when you entered the programme.


Renting versus Secure Home

The example below illustrates the financial benefit of Secure Home

versus renting **