Senior Housing


The purpose of Senior Housing is to provide those aged 65 years or older, an affordable, secure home for life that is comfortable, warm and dry. A number of our homes are accessible, or accessible ready, to support mobility needs.  

How it works

Senior Housing is a rental programme, that sits under either our Affordable Rental or Public Housing Rental programmes, depending on a household's financial position at the time of applying. Both programmes allow for an income-tested rent subsidy. 

Senior Housing tenancies do not have an end date, therefore it is a home for life. While QLCHT isn't equipped to provide assistance around health needs, we are able to provide wraparound services and connect tenants with the right agencies to provide the support required.

An annual rent review is conducted each year, and at the same time, any rent subsidy may be recalculated.


To be eligible to apply for Senior Housing you must first meet the general eligibility criteria, plus you must be aged 65 years or older. There is also an asset test.

Senior Housing Agreement

You can view our template Senior Housing (Affordable Rental) Residential Tenancy Agreement or Senior Housing (Public Housing) Residential Tenancy Agreement here.  Please note that this is a template agreement only and may be subject to change.