General Eligibility Criteria

Once you register with us, you will be assessed to check if you meet our eligibility criteria for housing assistance. Your household means you, your significant other and any dependents. It doesn't include current flatmates or boarders.

Basic eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • You must have lived in the Queenstown Lakes district for a minimum of six months and have made this your permanent home.
  • At least one adult member of your household must hold New Zealand residency or New Zealand Citizenship.
  • At least one member of your household must be working full-time (minimum 30 hours per week). This requirement is waived for those who receive NZ Superannuation and in exceptional circumstances. 
  • You must not own or have shares, in any property or land, anywhere in the world.
  • You must not own or be a beneficiary of a business or trust that has adequate income and/or assets that enable you to enter into home ownership independently.
  • A satisfactory reference from a previous landlord and a satisfactory credit check.
  • Your total household income from all sources cannot exceed our income caps, as set out below: 

Maximum household income (gross amount per annum)    

Number of people in your household Public Housing Rental Affordable Rental Rent Saver Secure Home


Public Housing income caps are set by MSD. View their income caps here.

 $85,000 $85,000 $85,000
2  $107,777 $127,284 $130,000
3  $117,987 $130,000 $130,000
4  $127,063 $130,000 $130,000
5  $130,000 $130,000 $130,000

Each programme is further broken down with its own set of programme parameters. You can view the detailed criteria for each programme, held under Our Policies

If you think you might meet the above general eligibility criteria and are interested in housing assistance with us, please register your interest. One of our team will then call you within a couple of weeks to discuss further.

Once you're on our waiting list, you'll start receiving our quarterly updates via email and hear about any upcoming housing opportunities that may be suitable for you.