Home Allocation Process

First and most importantly, register your interest! Only those households on our waiting list are considered for QLCHT homes.

When you register your interest, one of our team will call you back so that we can assess your eligibility, pass on more information and if eligible, get you on our waiting list for a home.

Being on our waiting list holds you under no obligation, but it means you'll start receiving our Quarterly Updates via email and be invited to apply for a home when a suitable opportunity comes up. 

Whenever QLCHT have a property available to allocate, whether it's a newly constructed home or a home being returned to QLCHT, there is a set allocation process that is followed, to ensure fairness to all. 

Once it has been determined which housing programme the home will be offered under, the entire waiting list is reviewed to identify the following:

1.  Suitability for the house size

This is in terms of the number of bedrooms. We don't want to overcrowd any homes and we don't want to have lots of empty bedrooms. The waiting list is filtered to identify those households that are the right size for the number of bedrooms.

2.  Programme specific criteria 

Some programmes have further specific eligibility criteria, such as Public Housing and Senior Housing. Any programme specific criteria will be factored in at this stage and the list filtered further.  

3.  Expressions of interest invited 

An email will be sent to all those from the final filtered list, inviting households to express their interest. As households respond with their interest, updated details will be sought to establish who meets the requirements of the particular housing programme.  

4. Invitation to apply

Based on the number of homes to be allocated, a corresponding number of households are invited to apply from the final filtered list, prioritised as follows:

  • Public Housing - highest need (as determined by QLCHT)
  • Senior Housing - highest need (as determined by QLCHT)
  • Affordable Rental - highest need (as determined by QLCHT)
  • Rent Saver - length of time on the waiting list
  • Secure Home - length of time on the waiting list

5. Final allocation decision

It is only once your application has been submitted and we are able to fully review it, that we can let you know if you have been successful.

Unfortunately, not everyone is successful in their application. When this happens, the next prioritised household will be invited to apply and the unsuccessful applicant will remain on the waiting list, until another suitable opportunity arises.  

You can view our full Allocation Policy here.

What you need to do

Once you are on our waiting list, please make sure you keep us updated with any changes to your contact details, significant income or cash asset changes, or if your household size changes. You can do this by emailing admin@qlcht.org.nz.