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The Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT) was created to manage and deliver affordable housing solutions to those vital to the community who cannot afford it. Initiated by local council in 2007 who recognised the affordability issue and acted upon it, the Trust is now an independent entity.

While there is a steady stream of people willing to move to the district, after 12-18 months, an unusually high percentage of these recent migrants (often estimated at over 50%) decide to move away. The reasons for their move are often cited as high living costs, with the largest of those being the cost of housing. 

The intent of the Trust is to provide housing for low to moderate income households who contribute to the social, economic and environmental well-being of the District, but are genuinely struggling to commit to the area because of the affordability issue.

QLCHT is an independent non-profit organisation presided over by five Trustees who provide a wide range of experience and skills on the board. It is well represented by all the relevant professions including legal, financial and property professionals as well as people who know and feel the heartbeat of the community.

The Trust is engaged with a wide range of Stakeholders including developers, employers, central and local Government in order to deliver a range of offerings tailored to different household circumstances. These include buying existing homes and the Trust's own developments.






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