As soon as I stepped into my house I felt really calm and relaxed. My friends have said they have noticed a change in me and my two young boys have said I'm alot happier. I have noticed an increased sense of abundance and prosperity and that things are getting on track in my life. I feel more secure and safe.

I wanted to share these things with you to let you know that the work that you are all involved in with our community has had a significant impact on my well-being, and the well-being of my children and us as a family unit. These were unanticipated benefits of this scheme.

Thank you for your flexibility in considering the various proposals I put before you and for your overall supportive attitude of being there to help me. Julie Scott was always very approachable, available and a patient listener.

Well done team, keep up the good work!

SJ, Wanaka


We have been living in Queenstown for 10 years and were so over renting as well as the cost and uncertainty that goes with having to relocate every year or two.  So many of our friends have left Queenstown to get ahead but we never wanted to leave.  Realistically for us I thought it was going to take another 5 years to get into our own home.  

At first I was a bit dubious about the idea of going in to a shared ownership situation but explored the option anyway.  It has actually ended up turning out much better than I anticipated.  Our house is within the Nerin Square development so we were given the opportunity to put our touch on it.  We enjoyed the fun of "building" our new home with out any of the stress that is usually involved.  We love our beautiful home and we are quite proud of it.  We love the fact we never have to move again and we love the feeling that we are finally moving forward and that our money is now going towards something important to us instead of down the drain.

I think that if we did it alone, it would have taken us much longer.  We would have had to settle for something we didn't really want but was the only thing we could afford and we would have to manage a much larger mortgage.

Julie and Nikki keep a very clear line of communication open which I think is important for this process.  As a result it has been nothing but a positive experience for us.  We are thankful that the trust has recognised the need for this initiative, as it has helped so many families like us that just wanted that little boost in achieving our goal.  


D & J, Lake Hayes Estate



Being a single mum in this town and trying to purchase your own home is not an easy feat and something I was working really hard to try and achieve. Thanks to the Housing Trust this was made possible.

My son and I have been in our new home for a year now and with the help of the Housing Trust I have a mortgage that is manageable and can still enjoy a great quality of life. The Shared Ownership programme is the only way I would have been able to achieve the goal of my own home in Queenstown and I appreciate this every day.

The whole process of dealing with the Trust from the initial monetary calculations, watching our home being built and then move in day has been a very smooth and enjoyable experience. I would recommend anybody trying to purchase their own home in the Queenstown Lakes area to contact the Housing Trust to see if they can help. It was definitely worth my while.

Very Happy, Lake Hayes Estate


“We think the programme is great as there is no way we could afford a nice family home like this by ourselves. Now that we are in our home, most of the time we feel like we’re 100% owners even though we're not.

Sometimes it is in the back of your mind to be a bit more careful, like you're living in an investment, but nothing wrong with that.”

S & H, Lake Hayes Estate


“We are delighted with our new home and our experience with the Trust to date has been very positive.

We both found you extremely personable and easy to deal with and I think having someone like you as our point of contact is an extremely important part of ‘buying in’ to the programme. You responded to our concerns, always kept us in the loop and fully informed and we both felt that you were very approachable.

Your advice to look around at what else was on the market was good too as we needed to know what kind of value for money we were getting. Support and info on energy efficiency and recommendations on the house were also very welcome.”

C & W, Arthurs Point


“With regard to the programme, we'd first like to thank yourself and the Board for giving us this great opportunity to actually own our own property in Queenstown. Our new home is far superior to anything we could have afforded, without the help of the Shared Ownership Programme.

Initially we were doubtful that we would qualify for the programme, having a reasonably large deposit from the sale of our UK home. We also believed that it was aimed at young, first-time buyers only, or people on a much lower income than our own. Obviously, we were relieved to find that we were in fact eligible and accepted for the programme.

As we complete our first month in the new property (and first year in New Zealand!), we don't really consider the fact that we are co-owners. In the UK, our properties were always financed with building society mortgages, so the programme doesn't make us feel any different in that respect.

As a family, we had a fairly 'rocky road' as far as NZ Immigration and gaining our Permanent Residency was concerned. Therefore we are very grateful that you and the Trust have made the house-buying process relatively easy, and helped to fulfil our dream!!

S & G, Lake Hayes Estate


“After 10 years of disappointments in trying to get onto a property ladder that always seemed just beyond our grasp, whilst still being so tantalisingly close, we are still coming to terms with the fantastic reality of our own home. And then to top it all the house is more than we could possibly have hoped for. We wake up each day and think it is even better than the previous day - it really is a huge thing for us and cannot really be put into words.

I hope that the Trust can help so many more people into their own home as the support we have been given is awesome, not only financially but in the positive way that you have guided us through the whole process. It has been wonderfully empowering for us too. Being a part of the scheme from the outset we have seen how far it has come already and can only imagine it going from strength to strength in future. We wish your team all the best, and if we can ever offer any help to support the scheme in order to help others we will readily try to put something back in.”

S & M, Arrowtown


“We just LOVE our new home. Every time we walk in the front door I have to pinch myself because I can't believe we have been so very lucky to end up in such a wonderful house.

We are loving the summer weather, and have started to have BBQ's. We dine on our deck and enjoy every second of our new house. To be honest, even six months in, it is still a thrill and we enjoy every second of being in our home. From the great open plan kitchen and lounge, to the dishwasher and new oven. The walk in wardrobe is total luxury!

We initially thought Luggate was too far out of Wanaka, but we are really enjoying it here, and the 10 minute drive is never a problem.

Compared to the houses we were looking at buying on our own (which we couldn't really have afforded anyway) our new home with the Trust is phenomenal.

We are so appreciative to have been included in the programme. We consider ourselves very fortunate.

It is far better than we could have ever imagined! I was expecting to hear more from the Trust, but am more than happy with the way things are. I expected that we would feel like we didn't really own the house, and had to "report in" to the Trust. However the Trust has not made us feel like this at all, and we feel like we are free to live in our home without interference. (Having said that, I also know that the Trust is only a phone call or email away, should I wish to contact them.)

For us, we are also very appreciative of not having a huge mortgage which we would struggle to repay. So the lack of financial pressure is a real bonus and means we can enjoy great quality of life, rather than working every hour possible.”

S & J, Luggate


My partner and I have lived in the Wakatipu since 2003 and had Um’d and Ah’d for many years about the shared ownership programme. Fortunately Julie Scott kept encouraging us to consider it and once we did, we kicked ourselves for not doing so earlier. For us it has been the perfect solution to our need for security for our family and a sense of belonging in the area.

Like many others, owning a house in the area would not have been possible without the Housing Trust and we consider ourselves very lucky to be part of such a great programme. The process is so straight forward and simple and it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Julie and Nikki and all those involved.  I really feel as if they take a personal interest in each of the applicants and that they want the very best for us.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

M & J, Arrowtown

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